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History of Barrington Area Digital Photo Gallery

Development History

The Barrington Area Digital Photo Gallery owes a debt of gratitude to the Barrington Area Development Council (“BADC”). Since its inception in 1966, BADC’s efforts have been focused on nurturing Barrington Area not-for-profit initiatives.   This support has taken many different forms over the years, but one consistent theme has been to promote and preserve the natural beauty of the Barrington area.  In that context, BADC was instrumental in the creation of Citizens For Conservation 50 years ago and the Barrington Area Council of Governments.

In recognition of over 50 years of good land management practices, conservation and restoration, it was felt that 2021 would be an appropriate time to start a site to capture and preserve digitally the natural beauty of the Barrington area. Under the auspices of BADC, this led to the creation of an Advisory Board and ultimately to the formation of the Barrington Area Digital Photo Gallery (“BADPG”) and this website.

The Advisory Board’s efforts to define and create this project were tempered by what they viewed as the contemplated audience. This audience is detailed below. Further, the Board spelled out a mission statement and recruited a jury of experts to help select the photos to be displayed on this site.

Monaarch Chrysalis - Steven Barton Photography
Monarch Chrysalis by Stephen Barten


Finally, this site is for the enjoyment of all. There is no fee to utilize and no compensation to those sharing their images on the site. We all owe a huge Thank You to the contributing photographers for sharing their artistry.

The cost to create and maintain this site will be absorbed by BADC .

Contemplated Audience

The intended audience is broad and consists of:

  • Entities that by their charter are charged with preserving and promoting the beauty and quality of life in their respective geography. This includes: Realtors, Chambers of Commerce, Local Village Governments
  • Educators and Conservation groups that might use the site as a learning vehicle to identify plant or bird species …or as examples of various photography techniques.
  • Medical care entities that might use the site to engage patients in their offices.
  • And last, but certainly not least, Residents—those who live in the area or those who despite living elsewhere, have some affinity for the greater Barrington Area. Within this group, Birders and Nature Photographers might have a particular interest. We would hope that any resident would benefit from the momentary distraction created by viewing the beauty in our local area.
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