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Bob Lee

Milkweed with Milkweed bug by Bob Lee
Milkweed with Milkweed bug by Bob Lee

My favorite class in college was photography. I considered going to photography school upon graduating. My father’s advice was “to get a real job and use photography as a hobby.” That “fatherly advice” has served me well.

Upon leaving corporate life in 1999, high on my bucket list was to do pro bono photography for nonprofits. This was one of my better decisions in life because my lens has connected me with many wonderful organizations and people.

Yes, I have enjoyed photographing walks, runs, galas, dog shows, horse shows, sports events, proms, graduations, weddings, village events, travel, my own charity bike ride around the perimeter of the country, etc. I don’t consider myself as a “professional photographer” but one who enjoys “capturing the moment.”

I use a Flickr account to share the images. Currently there are over 200,000 images taken since 2012. Enjoy!

I greatly appreciate the “natural beauty” of the Barrington area and am honored to have captured a few images shared by BADPG. Going forward I hope to spend more time surrounded by our “natural beauty” with my eyes open and lens ready.

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