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Check Out the New Barrington Area Digital Photo Gallery!

The Barrington Area Development Council is pleased to unveil a wonderful new effort to showcase the natural beauty of our area through photography – The Barrington Area Digital Photo Gallery. All photo graphs have been juried by a selection committee of the Barrington Area Digital Photo Gallery Advisory Board.

The goal of the project is to promote awareness and appreciation of the natural beauty of the Barrington area through digital imagery, to maintain an accessible, juried gallery of these images for public viewing, and to contribute to the historic record of the Barrington area.

The site is intended to serve as a catalyst to encourage viewers to visit the many parks and preserves in our area throughout the year. Each of the four seasons we experience in Barrington has its own unique beauty, flora and fauna.

BADC will solicit images new photos from time to time, which are subject to jury process before they are added to this site. If you would like your photographs considered, please review the Photo Selection Criteria as outlined on the website and submit your name through the Contact tab.

The site is for the enjoyment of all – there is no fee to view the photos, and no compensation has been paid to the photographers. We all owe a huge thank you to the contributing photographers for sharing their beautiful artistry. The cost to create and maintain this site will be absorbed by BADC.

The BADPG Advisory Board would love to hear your comments or suggestion on the site. Please use the Contact tab at the top of the website to submit your feedback!

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