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Dave Taylor

I have been making photographs since I was a teen growing up on the shore of Chautauqua Lake. A photographer of various subjects but for the last two decades my concentration is wildlife and habitat. The imagery I offer is local to Lake and surrounding counties in northern IL. Also, some are captured while camping and hiking outside my mid-west location.


Beyond offering natures beauty and color through these images I hope to stir your curiosity and desire to make a stronger connection with nature in your area. If you are inspired to better understand your natural environment along with your relationship to, it all the better!


With awareness and continued growth we all can better understand how dependent our health and the health of our planet is on good stewardship by all inhabitants; whether that be ourselves, or the creatures we can and can’t see.


Thank you for exploring these images. Hopefully one resonates for you and subsequently compels your interest and ultimate involvement in supporting the vitality of the natural environment where you reside.

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