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Donna Bolzman

Snow on Flint Creek by Donna Bolzman
Snow on Flint Creek. Photo by Donna Bolzman

I have always enjoyed looking at photos – from family photos in my grandmother’s well-worn album to famous prints hanging in art galleries. My main interest now is nature photography.

Rapid advances in the quality and simplicity of digital photography increased my interest in capturing images of my own. My involvement as a volunteer with Citizens for Conservation in Barrington allowed me access to their nature preserves.  I have spent many happy hours wandering through prairies and savannas, my point-and-shoot camera in my pocket, snapping pictures of landscapes, individual flowers, butterflies, and bees.

When I look at those photos now, I can put myself back in that moment in time, and it brings me great pleasure.  By sharing my photos with others, I hope they will come to appreciate the natural beauty of the Barrington area.

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