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Ken Hartwig

I have always had a passion and love for photography, especially associated with our many travels, and love of nature.  Whether on personal or business travel, I have been lucky to have experienced many beautiful places in many countries.  Landscapes, travel memories, wildlife, and a camera just all seem to go together and give us life memories that are so important.  Of course, retirement and a new camera don’t hurt in pursuing the passion.  As an amateur, the new and evolving technologies are truly incredible, and I really enjoy trying to learn and master the skills that will capture those beautiful vistas, moments with friends, or everyday creatures among us.

Growing up in Barrington and returning later has remined me how lucky we are to be so close to nature and our natural roots.  It gives me memories of the landscape, ponds we used to skate on, the farming job I had as a teenager, and the folks before us. We have natural beauty, wildlife, and outdoor opportunities all around us, so it is easy to take a camera and craft a photo that tries to capture it. And there are some great organizations and people in our area working hard to preserve this gift.

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