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Jeff Chemelewski

Harmless Chicago (eastern Gartersnake by Jeff Chemeleski
Harmless Chicago (eastern Gartersnake. Photo by Jeff Chemeleski

I am a practicing veterinarian but have been involved in photography for most of my life. I currently work in digital format but previously photographed in large format black and white and 35 mm color. My darkroom has been replaced by my computer.

Currently I am a member of the Crystal Lake Camera Club (for nearly 40 years) and CACCA (Chicago Area Camera Club Association). My main photographic interest is landscapes, but any form of nature is not excluded. Travel with the goal to photograph exotic locations such as Greenland and Patagonia has been my passion of late. I have judged extensively for the many clubs of CACCA as well as receiving awards for my work.

My personal website is and e-mail address is [email protected]

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