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Kenneth De Muth

Photography makes me see and allows me to remember better. My imagery is frequently taken with a secondary intent to document for future reference. It’s from that perspective that I look at the world. Photography can also tell a story and expose a vision. Putting four edges around a scene gives the power to narrate, control the conversation and promote. And to record a little slice of history. It is to that future viewer that I want my photo to be of interest, to open a window and to tell a truth not otherwise available any other way.

In my day job I’m an architect and on the weekends work with the Spring Creek Stewards to maintain and restore some of Barrington’s forest preserve and prairie landscapes. As a child I grew up in the Spring Lake Forest Preserve where the seasonal cycles and natural beauty of the land formed a life long impression.

The Barrington area landscapes are a rich source of image material because they are unique and ever changing. At large scale and small, using nature as both a yardstick and an environment there are endless immersive photographic opportunities appropriate at once to both to artistic and educational indulgences. For this reason I always pack a camera with my loppers and bow saw ever mindful that today I will likely see something not seen before or to be seen again except in my photo file. The only truly underexposed photo is the the one you didn’t take.


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