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Les Eastwood

While pursuing my graduate engineering degree fifty years ago, I joined a university class on the art and techniques of photography.  The course analyzed published works of great photographers, and trained us in darkroom film developing and printing.  I’ve been a hobbyist photographer ever since.

Digital photography immediately appealed to me.  At Harper College, I studied Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, finding techniques to match or outdo what I did in the darkroom.  I also completed Harper courses in digital photography taught by local professional photographers (some from Barrington).

My main photo interests are in travel and nature.  Traveling both on business and for personal interest, I have visited, camera in hand, forty-five U.S. states and more than fifty countries.  I seek to make unique images of people, cultures, architecture, landscapes, and nature.

Also motivating my nature photography are the last two places I have lived.  For ten years, my wife and I rented a house on the grounds of the Morton Arboretum.  There, every day we saw the wonders of the natural world.  When we moved, we chose Barrington Hills, whose mood resembled the Arboretum’s.  Residing here for the last thirty years, I have photographed the natural world nearby.


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