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Peggy Simonsen

Marsh Marigolds by Peggy Simonsen
Marsh Marigolds. Photo by Peggy Simonsen

I am an active volunteer with Citizens for Conservation, promoting the use of native plants and earth-healthy practices by homeowners and other property owners. I chair the Community Education committee and present several programs on aspects of using native plants in landscaping. My photos are mostly of native plants in my yard, where I have preserved remnants and restored it with over 200 species of native woodland, prairie and wetland plants. I use photos to share my message that native plants are beautiful as well as providing ecosystem services.

My other passion is traveling, and I have documented the seven continents and over 60 countries I have visited with photos. I especially seek adventures in nature, being on the water and snow, and exploring architecture and archeology. I recently published a book, Wandering the World, Experiences of an Adventure Traveler, but was not able to use as many photos as I wanted, so I started a blog, to expand on my adventures and use many color photos not published in the book.

My email is [email protected].

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