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Stephen Barten, DMV

Spider Web on Big Bluestem. Photo by Stephen Barten
Spider Web on Big Bluestem. Photo by Stephen Barten

I’m a veterinarian and wildlife photographer. For me it’s all about the animals. I find great joy in capturing images of wildlife and sharing them, and I hope that those who view my work experience that same joy.

I learned photography in high school with black and white film, moved to 2X2 color slides for the next several decades, and was an early convert to digital photography in 2001.

For many years I focused on photographing herps – reptiles and amphibians; “herpers” are like “birders” – but my travel around the country and around the world sparked my passion to photograph all types of wildlife. My favorite subjects have expanded to include species like penguins, snowy owls, jaguars, and mountain gorillas. My style also evolved from capturing posed, field guide-like images of animals, to documenting behavior and as-found situations, and finally to trying to create art.

I’ve also done a lot of veterinary clinical photography and while I’m not a professional photographer, my work has been published in many veterinary textbooks, scientific journal articles, and continuing education presentations. My photographs of local birds and animals have been published in local magazines, presentations, and media. I don’t make many prints or enter many competitions. The experience of observing animals in their native habitat provides my greatest pleasure, and I hope that my images inspire others to appreciate and conserve the beauty of wildlife.

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