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Tom Auchter

My love of nature led to a lifetime of exploration and travel to experience
the natural world.  Photography has allowed me to document the natural
world, but more importantly to share these experiences and the beauty of
nature with others.

They like to say in the National Parks, where my wife and I volunteer in the
summer, half the park is after dark.  My interest in astronomy started from
a desire to learn about the science.  Stars, planets, nebulae and galaxies,
how do they form and evolve?  I started in astrophotography to learn about
objects from a scientific perspective.  Now, just as in our daytime world, I
experience awe in the beauty of the night-time sky and the cosmos.  I enjoy
sharing the beauty of the cosmos. What can be seen or photographed in the
night sky with binoculars or small telescopes is remarkable.


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